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Develop your property easily

come to our 2018 guide on how to increase to value and appeal of your property in the UK at a minimal cost and in a small time frame.

5 quick ways to increase the value of your property

  1. Obtain a government grant for loft insulation

This solution will cost you absolutely nothing. In England, Scotland and Wales there are a number of different schemes that you can apply for providing you with free house insulation grants.

For more on how loft insulation will be beneficial to you, keep on reading. If you decide that this is the option for you, simply fill out the quick application form and wait for a phone call to make your booking.

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Simple steps to developing a property

The property market is massive right now, and developing properties is on the rise. People buy properties, completely renovate and then sell them onto estate agents or privately so they can earn a profit as well as gaining skills in the industry. Contact us for advice about the property market. Continue reading

Safety Regulations for Landlords

The following requirements are the responsibility of the property owner (Landlord). Where you have signed our full management agency agreement, they are also our responsibility and we will ensure compliance. Continue reading

Tenancy Agreement

Once you have passed the referencing process a draft tenancy agreement will be sent to you for your perusal. Continue reading

Private Sector Housing

Disrepair in Privately Rented Accommodation

Landlords who let out accommodation have a responsibility to ensure that it is in a good standard of repair.

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Changes to Public Land

New plan to speed up sale of public land

From today, the public will be able to contest the use of central government land and property and apply for its release. Continue reading