come to our 2018 guide on how to increase to value and appeal of your property in the UK at a minimal cost and in a small time frame.

5 quick ways to increase the value of your property

  1. Obtain a government grant for loft insulation

This solution will cost you absolutely nothing. In England, Scotland and Wales there are a number of different schemes that you can apply for providing you with free house insulation grants.

For more on how loft insulation will be beneficial to you, keep on reading. If you decide that this is the option for you, simply fill out the quick application form and wait for a phone call to make your booking.

  1. Paint the house neutral


A new home is a fresh start and what better way to picture your new life in your new home than a blank canvas. Walls painted in dark colours covered in busy wallpaper can make a room seem much smaller than it really is.

By painting the walls in your home in a light neutral colour not only does the room look lighter, but it can also look bigger which is much more appealing to many looking to purchase a new property.

  1. Refurbish the front door

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but for all of us that do, the front door of a house will decide our first impression for us.

The case for many properties is that there is nothing wrong with the door; it just needs a clean or a fresh coat of paint.

In other cases a new door will be the investment that you need to get your property to be the hot topic on the local property market.

Other ways the outside of your property can damage the appeal is by having missing and loose tiles on your roof.

This will be a huge red flag to potential buyers as to somebody that doesn’t maintain or look after their property, therefore they will be far less likely to put down an offer.

Fixing loose tiles is a quick job and can be completed by a local roofer. For more information on tile roof repairs, see this website.

If you have a property for your business, automatic sliding or revolving doors are one of the best ways to increase the value of your property.

These doors create a modern and smart appearance to the newly renovated office front, which definitely creates an encouraging environment for any visitor to the office.

These doors remarkably improve accessibility to the building, creating a welcoming place of work for all.

The modern entrance creates a brand new vision of the space ensuring a light and breezy reception area is available.

An added bonus of the revolving doors is their ability to be controlled by the front desk in the case of controlling who enters and exits the building.

They have created a sense of security for many companies who have already made the move to automatic doors, after which is most definitely needed in the current climate as well enabling the trust of the office workers and visitors.

The renovation has most certainly improved the professional outlook on buildings all across the country, which has also improved the footfall of these businesses.

More and more people are interested in entering the sleek and modern buildings.

Not only are they efficient, creating ease for the customer to enter and exit, but they also add elegance and modern touch to your property.

ERREKA Automatic Swing & Sliding Doors set the standard when it comes to state of the art automatic doors with a range of styles and architects to help you with the design.

Based in Bristol, ERREKA provides all the services you need when it comes to installing and maintaining automatic swing and sliding doors, nationwide.

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